Sunday School

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Sheffield Christian Science Sunday School meets every Sunday 11am-12 noon.

Here in Sheffield we have a great time learning about God’s love for us and how this helps us in our daily lives.

Comment from a young Sheffield Sunday School pupil: “Sunday School is like a smiley face game. It makes you feel happy!”

Please check out The Mother Church Sunday School website. It explains all about Sunday School across the age range and is relevant to Sheffield Sunday School too.

What can you expect in Sunday School?

If you’re under 20, Sunday School is for you! It’s about being loved and accepted as you discover the relevance and practicality of Bible-based spirituality, as taught in Christian Science. It is a school for healers.

What’s taught in Sunday School?

Each Sunday School class is designed to meet the needs of each individual student. Classes are based on the Bible, and use Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy to help the students dive deeper. Everyone can practice the healing ideas taught in the Bible and in the weekly Bible Lesson.  Students of all ages are taught the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer and its spiritual interpretation by Mary Baker Eddy, and the Sermon on the Mount.

Can students ask any question they want in class?

Definitely, and about anything! One of the most important parts about Sunday School is to find answers together. That’s why teachers ask thought-provoking questions—so that the class can search together for spiritual explanations that are practical and understandable.

What are classes like?

Classes are adapted to each individual student, teacher, and group. Some classes include more emphasis on study; others are more discussion oriented. Some may address specific challenges that students are confronting; others may include videos, music, storytelling, or games. Sample materials are available on the Sunday School Resources page.


Hundreds of articles about Sunday Schools have been published in The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel over the years, and are now available online at JSH-Online.